I am already in my 60’s.  I have been through a lot like most of you.  I have very few regrets because it made me the person I am today.

I am building this site to not only share some experiences but to also hopefully give you honest feedback on products or services I have used.  I love sharing when I am very impressed with a service or product.

I am an affiliate with some of the companies I mention on my website but that does not affect your price in any way but what it does do is allow me to have a small commission so I can keep this website going.

Feel  free to ask me questions, give suggestions, or even your own personal feedback.

It won’t be just on one subject but many.

I started making soap back in the 90’s.  I started with Beef fat (tallow) then eventually went to Olive oils, Coconut oils etc.  I have tons of pigments for color and tons of techniques.

I started making resin products in 2021 and am truly addicted. 

I hope I have helped you in some way through this website or my youtube videos.  They are not fancy but they are just to help others.

Thank you for stopping by.