Choosing A Puppy

Choosing A Puppy

Choosing the right canine for your household is very important. Will the dog get along with kids? Will the dog get along with other animals in the household? Does the dog have a good disposition? These are some of the questions you might ask when deciding what kind of dog you want.

Are you looking for a purebred or mixed breed or just a plan old mutt? Mixed breeds can be more affordable, whereas purebred can be quite expensive. Don’t dismiss the mutt option either from the local pound. Mutts can be just as lovable, energetic, and loyal as the other breeds. Again, educate yourself about the kinds of dogs there are.  Do you want one who needs a lot of excercise? Would you prefer just walking them daily and maybe a dog park outting once in awhile.  

Size matters. Think about how big or small the dog is that you want. Do you have room for the pup to run and play or will it be cooped up because you don’t go outside a lot. If so, do you have a room where the pup can run free? This is so important because if the pup isn’t happy, your family won’t be either.  On top of all that, that cute pup will become a dog and it shouldn’t be ignored or neglected.

Personality for a puppy develops around seven weeks of age. Spend a little time picking and choosing your dog, and you both will reap the rewards. Make sure you can hold the puppy and cuddle him. Drop a book during a quiet moment and see if the pup runs and hides. Get on your hands and knees and play with the puppy to see if he responds in kind or is aggressive toward you.

There are several places to start your search. Asking family, friends or your vet are good places to start. Also, you can contact your local shelter or ASPCA/SPCA for their selection of animals. Buying puppies can be very unpredictable from puppy mills.  Just do your best to research.  Nothing wrong with getting your puppy from stores, if the pup has a good temperment then that is a good start.  How they have been taken care of before you get them isn’t always easy to find out.  Some behavoirs are easy to fix and others, not so easy depending if they were abused or not.  Many people take rescues which is wonderful as long as you have patience and have considered everything you have read up to now.  Dogs will love you forever unfortunately if you even treat them badly. Make sure you are ready for this huge responsiblity.  

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