Diamond Painting Review

Large Super Hero 5D Diamond Painting Kits for Adults Diamond Arts Craft

I bought this exact painting from Amazon.  It turned out beautiful!  My son and daughter in law loved it. It will be going into their entertainment room. 

Printed Camvas for Diamond Painting

So this is the canvas you get.  You can see I put some diamonds on already.  So everything is color coded and numbered.  The colors actually match the numbers of embroidery floss.  Super easy and lots of fun.  It was a very relaxing type of craft. All you do it pick up the diamond piece and it place it on the correct color code square on the canvas.  The canvas is very sticky.  My recommendation is to only remove a small bit of the plastic that is covering the sticky back to avoid dust and hair etc. 

Tray for Diamond Painting

3pcs Large Diamond Painting Tray 

This tray came with the kit I am showing you above from Amazon.  You basically, put a few diamonds onto the tray and then shake the tray.  The reason for this is to make sure the diamond part is pointing up and the flat part is down.  It makes it a lot easier to pick up with the pin that is supplied in the kit. 

Diamond Painting Glue Clay

This is the Clay/Wax you need to put onto the pin in order to pick up a diamond.  It reminds me of wax.  You puch the pen down into it until it is full.  You may not need extra because one block goes a long way but I bought some just in case.  If you would like me to send you one in and envelope instead of paying for the full kit, let me know.

This is how the clay/wax will look like after you have used it over and over.  You do have plenty with one square but if you do need 1 more square and do not want to buy 60 like me, I’d be happy to sell you one and send it in an envelope for very low postage. Probably just one or 2 stamps in Canada and USA only.  Contact me here

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