Krystal Table Top Resin Review

Krystal Resin

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My Personal Review with Krystal Epoxy Resin

Thank you for taking time out of your day to view my post.  

I started playing with resin about 6 months ago and haven’t stopped yet.  I am still learning a lot.


triangle earrings
Candle Holder
This smaller piece has a cured hole on the top left.

These earrings had small hole at the very tip which I had to sand down.

This candle holder which is a bigger piece turned out perfect. 

Pros & Cons

Pros of Table Top Krystal Epoxy Resin

Cons of Table Top Krystal Epoxy Resin

Very pleased with this product.  

I started using for detailed jewelry but it was too thick for small jewelry molds.  After realizing I bought the Table Top product, I quickly started using for bigger projects like my above gold glitter candle holder maker. 

Dried very hard and clear.  Customer Service top notch. 

The resin I needed was their Casting Resin however it was out of stock.  I was impatient and ordered the Table Top Krystal Epoxy Resin.  Not great for jewelry making. Thickens too quickly to do detailed work. 

It isn’t their problem I bought the wrong resin for detailed jewelry, but it is their problem it was out of stock and still is.


4.6 out of 5 because of out of stock

Price Comparing with Amazon

Krystal Epoxy Resin Website – 16.9 oz @ $30.00 x taxes = $33.90 – (10% discount through me) = $30.51 WOW what a savings!!  Get my promo code.


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My summary review is that Krystal Epoxy Table Top Resin  was excellent for bigger items. The customer service was top notch!  The website ships to Canada and USA.  It is much cheaper to order from their website, especially with an extra 10% off coupon code.  Why pay more?  Get your coupon code today!

I can’t wait to try their Casting Resin.

Brenda Doucet
Brenda Doucet

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