Magic Resin – 2″ Deep Pour & Casting Resin

Magic Resin - 2" Deep Pour & Casting Resin

deep pour

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Magic Resin – 2″ Deep  Pour and Casting Resin gets a 5 out of 5!
The resin and hardener has low viscosity and super easy to pour.  Not one bubble in any of my project. Takes 3 days to fully cure but gives 4 to 6 hours of work time.



  • Lots of play time
  • Mixes super well with colors & glitters
  • Long wait to cure
  • Long wait to add layers
  • Get the right resin for the right project. 

2" Deep Pour & Casting Resin

All of their products are top notch.  It really isn’t a con however, it is important to buy the resin that best suits your project.  I you want to be more creative more quickly go with the Table Top and Art Resin or the Art & Craft Resin in the chart above.  They are both about 24 hour cure time and they give you about 30 to 45 minutes of work time. The 2″ Deep Pour & Casting Resin pours very liquidy which for me was excellent for my jewelry molds that I just wanted one color.  The tip that sticks out for the hole in my earrings are super close to the ends and anything thicker, 50% of the time, leaves a bubble I can’t seem to fix.  Most resins are too thick for this project.  However the Art & Craft Resin is excellent for the trinket boxes I make.  


Customer Service

I can not express how impressed I was with customer service.  They replied to my email immediately, they were very helpful and polite. 

Such a rare occurrence now a days. Not sure about yourself but if I have a complaint and the company reacts the way they do, the complaint is resolved right away.  Even though I didn’t have a complaint with Magic Resin, just the speed and attentiveness was more than I expected. 

Fastest shipping ever!

Important Tips

  • Pour 2:1 ration
  • Mix 4 – 5 minutes
  • Tack-Free after 40 hours

In conclusion

In conclusion, I will be trying a lot of their products and will be giving and honest review for them all.  As you can see, I am very impressed with Magic Resin –2″ DeepPour & Casting Resin  Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to keep up to date when I do release new reviews.  Stay tuned for futher reviews. 

Click here to see my review about Magic Resin Art & Craft Casting Resin.  Amazing as well.  

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