Magic Resin – Art & Craft Epoxy Resin

Art & Craft Epoxy Resin

Art & Craft Epoxy Resin gets a 5 out of 5!
The caps are not difficult to remove. The resin and hardener are pourable and not like molasses.



  • Excellent Customer Service
  • First resin that I have tried that is easy to mix and stir
  • Mixing slowly will not produce many bubbles
  • Dries hard & clear
  • Nothing so far. 
  • As I continue to try their products I will update.

Arts & Craft Epoxy Resin

I purchased the Art & Craft Epoxy Resin, 2nd one in the picture above. I have tried other casting resins but none compare to how easy the resin poured into the hardener.  I stirred slowly and was able to attain very few bubbles without having to put my resins in warm water.  After pouring into my small projects like earrings and bookmarks, the few little bubbles that did appear I was able to pop by using a bbq lighter.  They say to wait 24 hours but 99% of us can’t wait that long so after 12 hours, they were hard enough to remove from my molds. I am not saying to do this, just being honest with what I did.

The results were amazing.  Perfect finish.

Customer Service

I can not express how impressed I was with customer service.  They replied to my email immediately, they were very helpful and polite.  Such a rare occurrence now a days. Not sure about yourself but if I have a complaint and the company reacts the way they do, the complaint is resolved right away.  Even though I didn’t have a complaint with Magic Resin, just the speed and attentiveness was more than I expected. 

Important Tips

  • Make sure resin is at least 24 degrees celsius (75F) – if not, put bottles in warm water – wipe dry
  • A Single pour should be no more than 1/2″ of resin – excellent as a casting resin
  • Comes with step by step instructions 

In conclusion

In conclusion, I will be trying a lot of their products and will be giving and honest review for them all.  As you can see, I am very impressed with Magic Resin’s Art & Crafts Epoxy Resin.  Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to keep up to date when I do release new reviews.  Stay tune for their 2″ Deep pour & Casting Resin. 

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