New Classic Resin Epoxy Review

New Classic Resin Epoxy

My Personal review with New Classic Resin Epoxy

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my review.  I certainly hope it helps once you read my review of New Classic Resin Epoxy. This is my personal experience to share. 


Gold Leaf Coaster

Originally, I had only the bronze color with the glittered sides but there were too many holes that cured in the piece.  Cured bubbles.  So I had no choice but to pour clear resin over it and added gold leaf for a nice effect which hid the bubbles. 

Another thing is I had a very hard time taking off the covers to the bottles.  They were child proof like most bottles however, when I pressed down to unscrew them, the top of the bottle caved in and it was extremely difficult to undo. 

I wrote to the company and they basically said it was normal and then blamed it on shipping.  I explained the situation again then they just wrote, lots of people get the lids mixed up, and lots of laughs.  That wasn’t what I said at all.  I wrote back and said this was not a professional reply. Haven’t heard anything since.  

They only way I can get the bottles open is to ask a stronger younger person to help however, they struggle as well!

Very unprofessional customer service, I wasn’t impressed. 

Various resin items with bubbles

Almost every piece I did in this picture I had to fix or change up the original design because of a full bubble or tiny bubbles. In the smaller pieces on top, the partial bubble on the tip near the hole for the chain. So yes 1 piece I couldn’t fix. 

This was a very thick resin.I was thicker than molasses.  I stirred the resin and thickener the slowest I could and being very careful.  I even put the bottle in warm water and made sure it poured better.  It did help make the resin more pourable however, it also speeded up the time to work on my pieces.  I used a bbq lighter to pop all the bubbles but after 10 mins there were more to pop.  So I’d pop them again.  At least one more bubble showed up on my finished pieces. 



  • They included about 8 colors of Mica which I appreciated.
  • It does cure very hard, crystal clear and shiny.
  • I bought 2 bookmark molds, very happy with them.
  • Took 2 weeks to receive
  • Caps extremely hard to remove.
  • Customer Service was rude
  • My opinion, resin is too thick for small projects
  • Not enough work time before it thickens up

3 stars out of 5 unless they resolve my issues

Brenda Doucet
Brenda Doucet

I want to help those who may be going through a simular experience. I want to share helpful tips in crafting and in life. For me, if I can help you with my experiences or mistakes, then this is all worth it.

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