Basic care for puppies 101


Basic Puppy Care 101 – It is an ebook that everyone should read before deciding to add a pup to the family.  A lot of people just assume it is easy raising puppies or they will just wing it or figure it out.  Covid 19, many puppies were adopted.  That should be a good thing, the sad news is, a lot of them ended up back at the shelter because the family wasn’t prepared.  Do yourself a favor and your friend a favor if you or they are thinking of getting a pup in the near future, educate yourself.  Make sure you are ready.  This will make the best experience for you and your pup for hopefully the rest of its life.


Dogs are my favorite animal.

However, it is sad when some people will get a pup without any research about the type of dog that would suit them best. Also, does the family suit the dog?

Hopefully, this Ebook can answer some of the questions and concerns you might have.

Dogs are a huge responsibility. Make sure you are ready.

If you wanted a pup which would be your favorite?

  • german shepherd puppies
  • golden retriever puppies
  • mini goldendoodles
  • rottweiler puppies
  • husky puppies
  • doberman puppies

There are so many to choose from but each of them have personalities and traits that are very different from other breeds.  It is so important to do you your homework to make sure you and the pup you choose will be am amazing match.

All the best.



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